The Vocab for Craps

If you are a regular craps gambler than you probably know the vocabulary for the different outcomes in the game, also known as Lingo. But if you don’t know, weather you are a beginner or an intermediate player, than it is essential for you to learn it, because odds are you will hear a lot of weird expressions you have no idea what they mean and will get a little annoyed, if not very frustrated at other experienced gamblers. To get you started on the Lingo for Craps this article will list some of the principal expressions used in the game by gamblers or stickmen. Here are 12 basic expressions that are a part of the Craps Lingo:

Craps – 2,3, or 12

Yo, or Yo-leven – 11

C and E Craps – 11

Snake Eyes – Two 1s

Boxcars – Two 6s

Little Joe, or Little Joe from Kokomo – 4 (particularly rolled as a 1 and a 3)

Jimmy Hicks – the number 6

Skate and Donate – 8

Skinny Dugan – A loser 7

Center Field – 9, because it’s in the middle of the seven numbers on the field bet

Puppy Paws – Two 5s — though the more common call is simply “Hard 10,” or “10, the hard way”

Natural Winner – 7 or 11 on the come-out roll

When you hear any of these expressions be sure to know them on your head, or take a list with you with the meanings for each expression. It is not very easy to understand at first if you don’t play regularly and are just beginning, but even as a regular gambler, chances are one of these 12 expressions will an unknown language for you. To improve your basic understanding of the lingo get close to some craps table, without betting, pay attention to the outcomes and to the expressions that the stickman uses in order to get your more into it.

This should help you a lot getting started on the game or improving your skills at the craps tables, playing against beginners, intermediates or even expert gambler. One thing that is very important is to play it safe: spend a few minutes around a table of craps, start betting small, focus on the outcomes and on your moves, pay attention to lingo and, mostly of all, stop when you think you can’t.


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